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Budget / Finance:

                                Chair Lacey Keith, Co Chair Bobbie Moore, Jaime Lopez, Ron Shaffer, Donta Davis

Policy / Procedure: 

                                Chair Olalekan Olakanmi, Jaime Lopez, Stacy Rimes, Lydia Banuelos

Standing Committees

Bylaws, Resolutions & Parliamentary Procedure:

                                Chair Jaime Lopez, Olalekan Olakanmi, Stacy Rimes

Government Affairs: 

                                Chair Lydia Banuelos, Jaime Lopez, Ron Shaffer, Daniel Meza

Education & Professional Standards:

                                Chair Kristie Cole, Co Chair Brandon Buckner, Jaime Lopez, Stacy Rimes, Donta Davis,                                      Daniel Meza, Lydia Banuelos

Special Committees

Social Media:

                                Chair Kristie Cole, Jaime Lopez, Donta Davis


                                Chair Kristie Cole, Jaime Lopez, Lacey Keith, Stacy Rimes, Lydia Banuelos

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